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Magnetic Stickers Compatible with Magsafe Charger

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Customized magnet plate for MagSafe wireless charger/ car charger.

Enhance magnetic force for iphone 12 pro max

Won’t interfere with charging

Step to Step tell you how to find the best position.

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If your phone supports wireless charging, Attach the magnet plate on the backside of your phone case, so it will be stronger in the magnet, the phone won’t fall off when charging in the car.

The magnet plate won’t interfere with charging, and there is a user manual to tell you how to find the best position.

It also can be attached on the backside of iPhone 12 series to enhance the magnetic force, Especially when your iPhone 12 wears a non-original MagSafe phone case.

Or if you owns an iPhone 12 Pro Max,which is the heaviest among iphone 12 series,This magnet plate is also necessary.

magsafe car charger for iphone 11
magsafe iphone 11


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