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MagSafe Wireless Power Bank 3 in 1 iPhone 13/12,iWatch,Airpod wireless charging


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5000mAh true Capacity

Strong Magnetic Power

3in 1 wireless charging

Super long endurance

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It has 8 built-in low temperature ice cores, just put the power bank close to your mobile phone, the automatic and fast location and wireless charging will start to charge your phone. IPhone12 / iPhone 13 series products are designed with Mag-Safe direct wireless chargers. Other mobile phones are designed with their own wireless charging function, which can perform Mag-Safe wireless charging as long as you attach the supplied magnetic ring
with the phone on the back of the mobile charger. smaller in size and 35% lighter. The 5000 mAh large capacity can meet the phone’s charging needs for 48 hours of travel. It can be charged about 3 times for iPhone 8, about 1.5 times for iPhone 12, and about 1.5 times for Samsung S20. The built-in baby-like silicone material is just to better protect your phone from scratches during the wireless charging process of your phone.
Magsafe power bank integrates three functions, including 5000mA power bank + wireless charger + magnetic adsorption + iwatch 7/6/5/4/3/2/1 / SE wireless charging.
SinreGeek Magnetic Power Bank is developed by our designers through 4,800 hour R&D test. It not only performs fast charging, but also ensures safety, including overcharge protection, short circuit protection, high temperature protection, reset protection, and drop protection. The power bank is designed with a digital LED display on the bottom so that you can monitor the amount of power in real time and say goodbye to any anxiety due to lack of power when you are out and about.
Wireless Charging Instructions To use the Mag-Safe wireless charging feature, the protector on the mobile phone case must be less than or equal to 0.12 inches thick. The wireless charging function may be affected if the phone case is made of metal or glass. It is recommended to use the unit with its own magnetic mobile phone case.



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