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For the half price as the Samsung 15W single (without the AC charger), SinreGeek will let you simultaneously charge 3 devices at up to 10W. The eye-pleasing design combines one 15W wireless charging stand with a detacheble charging dock for the Galaxy watch and Buds 2/pro, giving you the flexibility to charge for all samsung portable devices simultaneously. You also don’t have to worry about finding the correct adapter to power it,a QC3.0 fast charging adapter included in the box. The detachable designed Galaxy watch charging stand makes it really easy to carry for trip.

Like the single Samsung 15W charger, this is one of the few options to wirelessly fill up your Galaxy S22 at top speed. It’s probably a better option, though, as it will also let you charge another device simultaneously, such as your headphones or some smartwatches. $90 is quite steep, and despite coming with a cable and an adapter, this remains a premium product. Also, unlike some other chargers, both pads are flat, meaning you won’t be able to conveniently use your phone while it’s charging. If you already have a compatible fast charging adapter at home, you can save $20 by getting the cable-only package.

It’s easy to think that every 15W wireless charger will charge your Galaxy S22 at top speed, but that’s not true. While Samsung’s 10W wireless charging protocol is added to almost all third-party wireless chargers these days, Samsung has not shared the protocol for its 15W wireless charging; you can only get it from Samsung’s three 15W wireless chargers. Two debuted alongside the Galaxy S22. While the Duo offers a boon for Galaxy Watch4 owners — as multi-pad chargers that support the Galaxy Watch are notoriously hard to come by — it may not justify its high price to some. The SINREGeek 3in1  Wireless charging station is half the price, and its detachable is twice as powerful, which has earned it our Editor’s Choice award and our wholehearted recommendation.

As a note for fast-charging speeds, most wireless chargers need a specific type of input to achieve their highest speeds but don’t come with the AC adapter in the box. In these cases, it’s essential to check whether the charger uses Qualcomm QuickCharge or Power Delivery. We’ve selected wireless chargers that will work with USB-C Power Delivery, so you can plug the wireless charger in anywhere you already have a wired charger. We say QuickCharge on the listing, but it accepts both standards, and we have tested it with a Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung, Anker, and SINREGeek 3in1 charging station have USB-C Power Delivery, while some other brands use included proprietary AC adapters. Whatever your charging needs, there are a few options you can pick from.